Spring Home Improvement Projects

Spring home improvement projects can help update your home, add comfort and save more of your hard-earned paycheck.

Spring home improvement projects can help update your home, add comfort and save more of your hard-earned paycheck.

Spring is here, which means it’s the best time to get going on some of those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off all winter long. Spring home improvement projects can help update your home, add comfort and save more of your hard-earned paycheck. According to Kathy Krafka Harkema of Pella Window and Doors, a well-planned remodeling project can do the following:

  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency and help reduce energy costs.
  • Improve your home’s comfort and style.
  • Add curb appeal to your home.
  • Reduce annual maintenance time and expenses.

But where should you start? The best way to get any home improvement project going is to plan ahead. By taking some time out to figure out what needs to be done you will save time, money and even some stress. Here are five spring home improvement projects you should consider.

1. Repair Your Roof

Your roof is your home’s number one defense against the elements. Even a small issue on the top of your house can lead to major damage indoors if water is allowed to enter your walls or attic. Spring is a great time to check your roof for any damage that may have been caused during the winter. Take a look at your roof from the ground to see if any shingles have been blown away.

Remember, water can travel a long way along your home’s beams, and just because you have a leak in one section doesn’t mean that’s where the leak started. Small repairs to your home’s roof can be an easy DIY home improvement project, but if you think the issue is larger it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

2. Energy-Saving Updates

Spring is the best time to get a jump on making your home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. From low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paints and adhesives to more energy-efficient windows and furnaces, spring projects can help improve air quality and increase your comfort. If your windows were letting in a lot of cold air this winter, consider replacing them with double-pane windows. This will not only change the look of your home, but when you change to Energy-Star-qualified products it will help lower your home’s energy consumption and in turn, lower your utility bills.

3. Update Your Siding

Siding can get damaged from winter winds. Replacing a warped or loose piece of siding is a home improvement project that can be completed on a sunny afternoon. If your siding is older, you might consider updating it with a more energy-efficient and easy to maintain product such as vinyl siding that helps insulate your house and is easy to clean with a hose and brush.

4. Replace Your Gutters

Your gutters and drain pipes help direct rain water from your roof away from your foundation. Clogged or leaky gutters can cause water to accumulate below the roof line, causing ruts around your home, and could lead to water getting into your basement. One easy fix is to install gutter guards this spring to keep falling leaves from clogging your gutters. Remember, gutters and drain pipes are relatively inexpensive to replace and well worth the effort in keeping your home cozy and dry.

Doing just a few of these spring home improvement projects can keep your house more secure, safe and attractive year round. The effort and expense you invest today on home improvement can save you big repair and energy dollars in the future.

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