Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace is a great central feature in your backyard that can be used for many summer activities.

An outdoor fireplace is a great central feature in your backyard that can be used for many summer activities.

Adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to your patio is a perfect way to make the most of your yard. Imagine sitting around an open fire making s’mores and creating memories with family and friends. A fireplace outside can also provide a bit of visual excitement and a bit of warmth on a chilly night.

An outdoor fireplace is a great central feature in your backyard that can be used for many summer activities. Here are some classic examples of summer activities and how having a fireplace or fire pit in your yard can enhance your summer activities. 


Having a barbecue is almost a necessity during the summer months. If you’re throwing an outdoor party for friends or family, having a fireplace can make your barbecue unlike any other. You can impress your friends by converting that fire pit into a roasting pit. This option will give your prepared food a unique flavor and texture.

Central Location

Along with food preparation, outdoor fireplaces can also provide a central social location in your backyard. People always gather around fire and if you accompany the area with seating or an entire living area you can comfortably accommodate guests in a luxurious manner. Fire pits make your backyard a second entertainment hub in your home.

Camp Outs

Remember going to summer camp when you were young? You can bring that summer thrill you had as a child to your adult life with a fireplace or fire pit outside. Having an outdoor fireplace provides an easy, manageable, way to relive sitting around a fire poking coals with a stick, roasting hot dogs and telling ghost stories with friends. This type of fire pit is a very practical way to include the fire element in a safe and maintenance free way.

Here are some differences you should consider when choosing between an outdoor fireplace and fire pit.

  • Outdoor fireplaces are romantic and perfectly suited for intimate chats and long hours of conversation.
  • Fire pits are perfect for accommodating larger groups who are engaged in lively conversations across the fire with 360-degree views available.
  • Fire pits maximize your views and social events.
  •  Outdoor fireplaces serve as an artistic and cozy focal point for your living space outside.
  •  High winds can interfere with fire pit function, while outdoor fireplaces provide gorgeous, highly functional windbreaks.
  • The smoke from wood burning fireplaces go up into the chimney, while fire pits can have smoke that gets distracting.

Deciding between the fire pit and fireplace can be an important choice when creating an outdoor room or lounge. Both features will provide light, warmth and relaxation. Which is option is right for you? Contact us so we can help you decide!

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