Kitchen: Get Inspired by 2013 Trends

StoveKitchens are often the most popular gathering spot in your home, so they need to be functional yet inviting. Over the years designers have gotten creative with storage solutions and working with small spaces. The 2013 trend reflects the growing popularity of cooking and eating at home. But while a full kitchen renovation may not be in your budget this year there are a few things you can do to update the space with current trends, keeping your kitchen looking modern and fresh.

Social Design

The emphasis on living in your kitchen is highlighted in upcoming trends by the growing popularity of large kitchen islands over having a dining table. It’s a shift from having a separate dining room and kitchen to having the kitchen being a place to gather as a family to spend more time together while in the home.


KitchenWhile this year has remained steady in terms of favoring darker colors, designers predict in 2013 there will be a change to lighter more neutral colors with dark counter tops. Giving your kitchen walls a lighter color makes the space feel airy and spacious. Adding dark counter tops in marble or stone creates an elegant natural look. If replacing your counter tops is not an option, think about refinishing natural wood cabinets with a dark finish. Pale solid wood flooring will also remain popular, in particular bamboo, as designers strive to use more renewable materials.

One color to watch out for in kitchens in 2013 is