Hot Floor Trends for 2013

LandingWhen it comes to remodeling a home, flooring is usually one of the top things people want changed. Flooring is a key component that affects the overall look and feel of the home. Many homeowners are realizing that the floor is a great place to inject a little more personality into their design. One of the major home floor design trends of 2013 is color. While nice, clean, warm tones in flooring are still a big draw, at the 2013 Home Expo we saw another trend in flooring: bigger and brighter colors throughout a home.

1. Bold Colors

Bold colors might not be for everyone, but color is opening up a new world of possibilities. Wood floors don’t have to be just brown, they can be anything you want. For example, have you ever thought about having white carpets and thought, “I’ll never be able to keep them clean?” Well think of white wood floor. A white color can give a room a modern nautical feel without the hassle of white carpet.

2. Floor Tiles

Another clean, slick trend right now is large format floor tiles. The large format tiles are an interesting addition to the clean spa or industrial look that is still alive and well.

3. Wine Barrels?

If you’re looking for something completely different with a lot of character, try wine barrel flooring. This involves turning old wine barrels into usable pieces of flooring. It’s a longer process but the results are intriguing, stylish, amazing and ooze with warmth. While dealers for wine barrel flooring are rare, it’s an option that checks off a few of the other flooring trends this year: style, luxury and eco-friendliness.

4. Eco-Friendly Flooring

And if reusable materials are more your speed, then you’re right on trend. The largest growing area in flooring is eco-friendly products. There is now eco and human-friendly carpeting that is recyclable at no cost to the consumer. The carpet is created with as little environmental impact as possible and meets low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) standards; best of all, if you choose to change it in the future, it’s recyclable.

5. Bold Use of Color

And yes, color has made its way into carpet as well. Bold color is actually helping carpet as a flooring option make a slow come back. Brightly colored carpet squares stitched together across a room can make an ordinary room become extraordinary. After all, there is nothing like getting home after a long day, kicking off your shoes and feeling the warmth of quality carpet.

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