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Try to invest wisely in the things that you can’t easily change later on.

Try to invest wisely in the things that you can’t easily change later on.

Whether you are building to add more room for the kids, an efficient home office or possibly a new outdoor space, any renovations must be done right. Building a new space for your home can be overwhelming, and spending money on the wrong rooms or fixtures is not only frustrating, but it’s also a waste of money. So what does it take to build a no-regrets home? Here are few tips to keep your renovations on track.

Plan Ahead – Careful planning for any build or renovations are needed to ensure that there aren’t any do-overs to your home once the construction is complete. Start by listing your needs and wants for your renovations. Try to invest wisely in the things that you can’t easily change later on. For example, you may need four bedrooms and want granite countertops. You may see granite countertops as a must have now, but that extra room is really essential to the comfort of your family. Invest in the extra room now; later on when you have more money and time you can add on the granite countertops. If you decide to go with the reverse, realize it won’t be so easy to add on that extra room later on.

Make sure you use your needs and wants list for clarity in your decision-making when building or making renovations. Without it, a homeowner is like a hungry shopper in a grocery store, buying a lot of things that they really don’t need and that weren’t at the best price or value. Make sure to think out your purchases and spend on quality, which will save you money in the long run.

Make a Timeline – If you’re thinking about selling your home in five to ten years, make sure to compare your home to others in the neighborhood. Don’t add or leave out features that might bump it out of consideration at resale time. For example, if everyone is putting in laminate countertops and you want granite, when it comes to resale time adding granite won’t add that much value to your home. Appraisers don’t make adjustments for extras like granite countertops.

In the same breath, don’t skimp on exteriors renovations either; it can limit the home’s curb appeal when it’s time to sell. If your home doesn’t look nice from the street, you won’t even get people to come see it.

Rethink Your Spaces – Many homeowners today don’t want a formal dining room. So what do you do with that space right off the kitchen? You can turn that space into a home office or a kid’s playroom. If you rethink the spaces you already have, you can open your home to a lot of new possibilities.

Go Green – When doing any build or renovations, keep eco-friendly products in mind. Today’s high efficiency HVAC systems, windows, appliances and even construction methods might be costlier up front, but you need to think of the long term investment. What might cost you more to install today will benefit your pocket book later on and actually save you money for years to come.

Most importantly, when remodeling a home or building an addition, research the homebuilder. Make sure to seek out referrals, drive through the neighborhoods that they’ve done work in and talk to  previous clients about projects done on their home. All of this will provide great insight into how they work. Campisi Construction is proud of its track record and happy to share references. Are you ready for an estimate? Give us a call today!

Campisi Construction, Inc. has set high standards in quality & value, which are measured by the satisfaction of their customers, suppliers and employees. Their mission is to achieve your goals through a strong commitment providing excellence in a professional and accommodating manner. Campisi Construction, Inc. is fully bonded, licensed and insured.  For a quote call (408) 599-6519 or contact them at http://campisihomes.com/contact.

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