Front Door: What Does its Color Say About You?

Cottage DoorDoors don’t talk… but they do say a lot. Your front door is the first thing visitors see when they approach your house. And it could say anything from “Come on in, stay awhile” to “Go away, we don’t want any.” So, how do you know what your front door is saying to upcoming visitors? The experts say it’s all about the color and stylish hardware of course.

Believe it or not many cultures associate rather complex meanings to the colors we choose for our home, especially the color of our front door. The front door is thought to be the “mouth” of the home, the entry point where energy, abundance and opportunities may find us. If your door color is fading, the color is dreary, or the paint is chipping it’s time for an upgrade. The easiest way to get it is a do-it-yourself paint job. But what color do you paint your door?

You have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from but colors have meaning so choose wisely.

  • Bright Blue: Throughout history, blue has often represented sky, water and abundance. It evokes a feeling of abundance and prosperity. Blue is also considered a great Feng Shui color.
  • Yellow: This is a color that evokes mental clarity, perception, understanding, wisdom, confidence, curiosity, humor and merriment.
  • Green: This color is always a great choice for a front door. It’s a color that represents balance, peace, renewal and harmony.
  • Purple: This color is surprisingly very popular. It symbolizes energy and is thought to invite many opportunities into your home. Many people even believe you can improve your opportunities or aspects of your life that relates to the doors directions, or the direction it faces, simply by painting your front door purple. Whether you’re hoping for a better career or better health, some say purple will help. The only exception with purple is a northwest facing front door. If you have one of these, it’s better to paint this door gold, white, silver or gray.
  • White: This is a classic color for doors, especially on a cottage style home. White has come to represent purity, serenity and virtue.
  • Red: A red front door in Feng Shui, means “welcome.” Interestingly, in early American tradition, it meant the very same thing. In fact, if a home had a red front door, tired travelers who might be traveling by horse and buggy would know the home was a place where they would be welcomed to stop and spend the night or rest. Red doors often hold tremendous symbolism for many faiths/religions. In Scotland, homeowners paint their front door red to signify they have paid off their mortgage.
  • Black: This color door projects strength, sophistication, power and authority.
  • Brown: This color conveys a feeling of warmth, stability and reliability but some darker shades of brown signal a desire for privacy and even isolation.

A front door is the focal point of a home many believe that the colors we choose for our doors often communicate our emotions and personalities. So what does your front door say about your personality? Share with us your favorite front door colors.

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